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Since 2015 G & B Feuerwerk is on the way to the top of the fireworks service providers in Germany. Creative employees and innovative concepts have allowed the company, under the leadership of Manuel Berger, to develop into a nationwide company in a very short time. The company headquarters of G & B Feuerwerk is located in the center of Germany. Großostheim is perfect as a central location to operate nationwide. Our warehouses are located not far from the company headquarters in Grossostheim, as well as north of the beautiful city of Marburg in Hessen. Our team of 16 dedicated helpers and pyrotechnicians realize highly complex fireworks compositions. Our design department, under the direction of Theresa Geiger, takes over the creative part. The technical department is responsible for the preparation and implementation. Our main focus is on professional fireworks within the framework of company, private and large events. Beside this, breathtaking high - altitude fireworks in the context of city, folk and shooting festivals, beautiful productions for wedding fireworks, as well as romantic baroque fireworks for the exclusive marriage application.
G & B Feuerwerk carries out its services nationwide. Subcontractors are not contracted by us. We carry out every single fireworks from our locations in Grossostheim and Marburg. A large number of fireworks are performed by us in and around Aschaffenburg, as well as Marburg, Giessen, Laubach, Grossostheim, Frankfurt am Main and Wetzlar.

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Why G & B Feuerwerk ?

Fireworks are among the special things in life. Many people are not familiar with the subject matter of fireworks, so you must trust the commissioned company. The word of the expert counts. It is difficult for the customer to understand how the different positions of an offer are opened up. At this point, we would like to shed some light on the dark.

Beautiful productions

Our experienced staff in the design department paint your wishes in the perfect way and make your dreams come true.


Our specialty is music-synchronous fireworks. We cut your desired music for the fireworks and let each individual effect perfectly match the music burned.


Personal contact is very important to us. In case of a personal appointment with you, we will discuss all the details and will gladly provide you with all the effects in the form of videos.

Unbeatable prices

Fireworks do not have to be expensive. Our employees are always striving to meet your needs and to work with you to match the fireworks to your budget.

Free effect selection

At G & B Feuerwerk you have the free choice of effects. You have the option to decide which effects you want to see in your fireworks.

Contact Person

Your personal contacts are always available for you and help you as much as possible.

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