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Fireworks from G & B fireworks are innovative, as we use the latest methods to perfectly stage your fireworks.


Each of our fireworks is unique. We design each individual order according to the wishes of our customer.


Stunning fireworks shells, intoxicating volcanoes or mixed batteries will transform your fireworks into a true dream.


Perfection is our number one priority. Each firework must meet our requirements and represent a perfect compostion.

Welcome to G & B Feuerwerk

Professional fireworks hit most people after just a few seconds. However, the team at G & B Feuerwerk would like to offer you the opportunity to make your event unique with a fireworks of the extra class. G & B Feuerwerk is the venue for wedding fireworks, fireworks in folk festivals, city festivals, company celebrations, etc. Most of our orders are located around Giessen, Marburg, Grossostheim and Aschaffenburg. Click on the button to learn more about us.


Fireworks for yourself

You are looking for a spectacular fireworks, but you do not want to pay the cost of a pyrotechnician? Then this is just the right solution for you! Combined fireworks are becoming increasingly popular. Once lit, you can go back and enjoy the fireworks.


Our courses give you an insight into the fireworks. Are you unsure when dealing with New Year fireworks? We provide you with everything useful to prevent injuries.


Together we are strong

G & B Feuerwerk is the official partner of Jochen Schweizer. Together with this strong partner at our side, we offer you the opportunity to participate in a unique event, the pyrotechnics workshop.

From inquiry to implementation

Your request

After receiving your request, we will work with you to develop your personal offer, which is tailored to your needs.

Fireworks - Design

As soon as we have received the confirmation from you, our design department starts planning and staging your fireworks.


Our team prepares everything for a smooth process so that all planned details can be implemented on the day of the fireworks.

The event day

We step down inconspicuously, work in the background. They will not realize that we are there. In the evening, simply enjoy the fireworks you have booked.

Interesting facts about G & B Feuerwerk

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Satisfied costumers

Why G & B Feuerwerk ?

Unbeatable prices

Fireworks do not have to be expensive. Our employees are always striving to meet your needs and to work with you to match the fireworks to your budget.

Free effect selection

At G & B Feuerwerk you have the free choice of effects. You have the option to decide which effects you want to see in your fireworks.

Contact Person

Your personal contacts are always available for you and help you as much as possible.

Beautiful productions

Our experienced staff in the design department paint your wishes in the perfect way and make your dreams come true.


Our specialty is music-synchronous fireworks. We cut your desired music for the fireworks and let each individual effect perfectly match the music burned.


Personal contact is very important to us. In case of a personal appointment with you, we will discuss all the details and will gladly provide you with all the effects in the form of videos.


G & B Feuerwerk